Beautiful Custom Designed Jewelry for you & your loved ones.


From a very young age it was crystal clear to Albert that hard work was key in the pursuit of happiness.  Working in a jewelry factory at a young age, Albert recognized his talents for the art of making fine jewelry.  Albert’s Jewelers is the product of that philosophy and unmatched passion he has poured into this small business.

For almost three decades, in one of the greatest towns in Southern California, Albert’s Jewelers has continued to be supported and validated the old fashioned way – word of mouth.  He has earned the nickname “magician” by his talented work and restoration of some of the finest pieces. His wife Lisa’s feminine touch in designing many of the pieces puts this family owned business at the top of their industry.  

They have always believed that you conduct yourselves and do business by this simple rule. Treat everyone the way they would want to be treated.